Are your Pit's Clean?

Nobody likes a dirty Pit

Our promise

Reliable Elevator Pit Contractor


We have a small yet dedicated group of determined staff members that will help you along each part of the restoration process. 


-From speaking to a professional service member who will listen to your needs and help you arrange a site visit.

-To meeting a professional field service member who will be able to accurately evaluate your current elevator pit problems and provide you with a proposal. 

-To finally, having a dedicated billing department for our new clients and for our monthly service plan clients.

Communication and Guarantee


Although we are a small family owned business, our clients are treated as part of that family. Clients will have a dedicated service member helping them along the way. Someone who will be able to bridge the gap between the clients needs and the field work. 


We put so much faith in our work we guaranteed a minimum 2-year warranty on all waterproofing services.

List of Services

- Water Proofing Pit


-Pit Cleaning Services

-Rust Preventive  Maintenance

-Post and Pre City Inspection   Maintenance

We also offer Monthly/ Quarterly and Bi-Annual service contracts. 

Ask us about how bundling multiple services can help you receive group pricing.

Our Guide to safe practices

Florida Pits and Health Hazards


Elevator Pits are more than likely the lowest point of a building, naturally making them more susceptible to getting flooded. 

Long periods of stagnate water can become a health hazard to you and your residents. Perfect breeding grounds for all types of critters that can carry diseases and viruses.

Unexpected Repair Cost


Poorly maintained elevator pits will begin to prematurely wear down on critical elevator components, which can lead to early repair cost and unnecessary city citations.

Avoid UNWANTED Smells


Nobody likes a dirty pit.

Preventive Maintenance


Let us help you avoid having a swimming pool instead of an elevator pit.

Avoid Working Hazards


Keep your pits clean so servicing can be a breeze and less costly.

Let's Clean Your Pits


We Follow OSHA Guidelines in disposing contaminated water and provide our COI (Certificate of Insurance) to every job site. 

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